• Voice Actor Extraordinaire
    Voice Actor Extraordinaire From radio& TV ads, corporate events, concerts, mall shows, foreign to English/Filipino language dubbing, Apollo has done them all.
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    TV Character Actor
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    Seasoned Event Host . .
  • Veteran Theatre Actor
    Veteran Theatre Actor
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    Popular Voice Talent
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Apollo is a veteran voice actor and event host based in Quezon City, Philippines

You may know him perhaps as the standard bearer of GMANews.TV. He has represented many major brands, such as Coke, McDonalds, Colgate, SMART, Globe Telecoms, San Miguel Beer, Lucky Me, Breeze, Dove, Axe, Close-up, Exceed, Aquafresh, Nestea, Dunkin Donuts, Marlboro and numerous others.

He has hosted over 300 birthdays, weddings and debuts over the past 15 years and is well known as a dependable, professional, versatile talent who is easy to work with.

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TV Adverts

Apollo has played varied roles in TV commercials over the past 20 years, including such notable brands as:

  • Lucky Me Noodles, 1995
  • Rexona, 1993
  • Datu Puti Vinegar, 1994
  • Toyo Sardines, 1996
  • Bisolvon, 1997
  • McDonald's 1997
  • Terra-Cortril Ointment, 1994
  • Tide Detergent, 1998
  • Shakey's Pizza, 1999

Over 15 Years in the Business

Apollo is an actor, voice talent, events host and commercial model for over 15 years.  You may know him perhaps as the standard voice of GMANews.TV, but this versatile veteran is well known  onstage, as well as on TV and in film, where he most recently playedMcDuff in WOM’s production of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.

He has been the standard voice-over to a wide spectrum of products, from McDonalds to RCBC, from Rejoice shampoo to Magnolia Ice Cream..

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Theatre Credits

As You Like It

He played Mr  Touchstone in this 2002 production.

Promises Promises

He played Mr Vanderhoff in another 2002 production.

The Lark

He played the role of Cauchon in this 2001 classic production.

Our Country's Good

Apollo participated in this 2000 producton as part pf the ensemble.


Played the role of God in this 2000 production.

Taking Sides

Apollo played a soldier in this 1998 stage adaptation.

Sikhay sa Kabila ng Paalam

This production ran from 1994-1998, with Apollo portraying Jose Rizal.

Communicating Doors

Apollo is featured as Head of Security in this 1998 production.

The Accidental Grandfather

Played  Mixalis in this 1997 stage play.

Angels in America

Apollo play Belize in this 1996 Production.
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Apollo's TV Commercials & VTRs

Would you trust this man?

... to do your next voice-over ?

-- Why, certainly!

Make your next big event a guaranteed success with Apollo as your host !


Apollo is also a popular pick among the large corporations as an event host.

He has hosted large events, such as: The San Miguel Oktoberfest, an Miguel Superdry Beer Bar Tour, Marlboro Bar Tour, Chivas Regal Bar Tour, Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Peninsula Manila Hotel, Heritage Hotel, Computer Associates, Cathay Pacific, Globe Telecoms, Makati Shangrila, Smart Communications, Honda, IBM, Nestle, Pfizer and Bellevue Hotel.


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Brands Voiced by Apollo

  • Coke
  • Pioneer Allianz ( received advertising award)
  • McDonald's
  • Breeze Detergent
  • Lucky Me Noodles
  • Lift Soda ( received advertising award)
  • Quick Chow Noodles
  • Colgate
  • Jack and Jill Potato Chips
  • Zonrox Bleach
  • San Mig Light
  • Rejoice Shampoo
  • San Miguel Super Dry
  • Globe
  • Smart
  • Dove Soap
  • Axe Deo Body Spray ( received advertising award)
  • Close Up Toothpaste
  • Magnolia Flavor of the Month ( received advertising award)
  • Exceed Toothpaste
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Aquafresh Toothpaste
  • Nestea
  • Riunite Wines
  • Marlboro
  • San Miguel Beer